It's been a long time coming, but PHOVEO IS UP AND RUNNING!!!


We are so excited to (what seems like FINALLY) launch our photography + videography website! After much deliberation and NAMESTORMING as I call it, the name of our business - Phoveo (fo-vee-yo) - was born.  It had been a long time coming because I would change my mind like EVERY day. We love the name and how the site came together!


Anyway, Jake did all the company branding with his graphic design brilliance... and let me just tell you - our business cards are pretty kick ass as well if I do say so myself. I'll keep this short and sweet - we will be adding pictures from all of our shoots on an ongoing basis and for those of you wondering, I still have approximately one BILLION more travel pictures to add, so that won't take long at all. Just so you ALSO know, Laura will be running the blog for Phoveo, and it may seem laid back and informal at times, but that's totally the point (no, that does not mean that Jake and I will show up to shoot your wedding in flannel pajama pants - we are very professional in real life, but still laid back). I'll be updating the blog frequently with shoots, news about us, or just something that's so cool it NEEDS to be blogged about. 

So check out our brand new site and contact us with any questions or booking inquiries! 

I feel like I need to come up with a cool way to sign off of my blog posts, but until I actually think of something, I'll just put NOTHING. K BYE!