We (almost) met Zach Braff.

Just wrapped up a trip to New York to visit a couple friends I met while on my world tour... Cara is from Australia and I met her whilst on a safari in Kenya and she just so happened to be in the good ole U S of A for work! She brought along her boyfriend Van from South Africa and I brought along my friend Meagan from college! It was great to see her and I just so happened to get some pretty cool pictures during my trip there... it helped that we stayed at THE COOLEST PLACE EVER in Brooklyn. It was basically TOUCHING distance to the Manhattan bridge! T'was awesome. We walked a ton and went to see Bullets on Broadway starring Zach Braff and you might as well say we met him. SOMEHOW, when we were leaving the theater after the show, we went down and down and down some stairs and ended up like BEHIND THE SCENES. We stood there thinking it maybe led to the outside, but then it was this weird backstage area and people were lined up with flowers and stuff and we said "where are we?" to some of the people and they just stared at us as if we were crazy! We waited for a bit and people were running to cast members and hugging them so then since everyone was RUDE backstage we left. So yeah, we pretty much met Zach Braff.

All in all (minus Meagan's cancelled flight on the way there and my cancelled flight on the way back, and Cara and Van's like 25 hour flying experience to and fro the land down under), it was SO much fun. Check it out!