[Personal] • Chair is DONE!!!!

IT'S FINALLY FINISHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember like FOREVER ago when I started the process of reupholstering this AWESOME mid-century chair that we got for $25?? WELL THE TIME HAS COME THAT I CAN SHOW YOU THE FINAL PRODUCT!!!! I picked a fabric that was only sold in a store in California (typical), so OBVIOUSLY had to ship that over here!  Of course I would pick a complicated chair for the first one (has pleats, buttons and curves), but WHATEVER, WORTH IT.

As you'll see, I left the arms off of the chair TEMPORARILY - I wanted to make sure I wanted them on there, so I'm still deciding on that part, because once they're on there, it's perms! Give me your opinions, people. So here we go... here are the before pictures (and an in-progress shot) and then keep scrolling and you'll see the after pics!!! Goes perfectly with our teal couch if I do say so myself.

Also, thanks to Pam (friend who also HAPPENS to be a professional reupholster-er) for walking me through alllllllllll the million steps of how to do this and letting me use your big power tools! And to my Mom as well!!! I have a feeling this is the first of many items she and I will be working on! In FACT, up next is our awesome surfboard shaped table and chairs that I should be getting the fabric soon to recover the seats!! THIS time, the fabric is seriously being flown from Mali, Africa hahahahahahahahahaha it's getting worse people. Whatever, I NEEDED it. DUH.