How can you be based in Minnesota AND Iowa?

Well, with Jake being from Iowa, and Laura from Minnesota, travel between the two for shoots has become second nature to us. We do it often and because we have clients in both areas, we decided to just base ourselves in both states. We do not charge travel fees for the Minneapolis/St. Paul surrounding areas, or the Des Moines surrounding areas.

After our session, can we order prints through Phoveo?

Absolutely! We can print anything from standard prints (mounted or unmounted) in a complete range of sizes (from wallet size prints to giant 30x45 prints) on a wide range of papers (from lustre to glossy to metallic to linen). We offer low prices with guaranteed quality because if we aren't happy with how the print turns out, there is no way we would ever send that to our client. Aside from standard prints, we also offer the following printing options: metal prints, bamboo mounted prints, floating gallery blocks, canvas prints, calendars, the list goes on. Pretty much, if you want your pictures printed on anything, we will make it happen for you. 

We also have been known to design and print some pretty awesome albums, so consider that for your wedding or newborn pictures.

Where did you get the name Phoveo? 

As legend has it, Laura and Jake were determined to come up with a name...a name that described a photography + videography company, a name that was SO unique, some might say it could CHANGE THE WORLD. So after months of namestorming (just created that're welcome), they COMBINED the two words. So, there ya have it people: PHO(tography) combined with V(id)EO(graphy) = PHOVEO (fo-vee-YO). WHAT will they think of next?

Have you been published?

We're honored that our work has been published in prints, blogs and websites including - Romantic Homes Magazine, WDM Magazine, Photographer's Forum,,

Do you travel for weddings + any other work?

Why yes, yes we do. We love to travel and would love to travel even more to capture your wedding or your whatever you want us to capture, we're there.

You two look really young, how long have you been doing photography?

We are creatives. Laura graduated with a degree in Architecture and Jake with a degree in Art and Design a few years ago so creativity is in our blood. Laura started photographing groundhogs at the Grand Canyon (instead of the Grand Canyon) at the ripe age of 6. She likes to think that she still follows that rule of thumb...Don't photograph one of the greatest views on EARTH, photograph the groundhogs - or better said - look where everyone isn't looking and you might find something even better. Jake's first memory was with a disposable camera as well! Although his mountain range of choice was the Badlands in South Dakota, and he DIDN'T photograph groundhogs. So moral of the story, we've been doing photography ever since, but don't worry, we've graduated from disposable cameras to digital cameras. Most times.

How do you two compliment each other?

Jake is tall, Laura is not. Enough said. He can see things she can't and vice versa. 

Who owns the copyright to the photos?

We retain the right to use the images, without compensation or notification to the client to promote Phoveo. We may display the photos on, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, or any social media platform that might not even exist yet.

How long will it take to get our pictures?

Turnaround time for portraits is typically around 2-3 weeks and wedding turnaround time is about 2-3 months. Wedding videography follows the same time frame of 2-3 months.