[Event] • Vappu

Friends + Fulton beer + Flower crowns + Food + the best weather EVER = one successful Vappu 2015. Our friends Ari and Jeff hosted probably the BEST backyard party I've ever been to and we were lucky enough to go and to be able to document it for them! Oh and it's even better when the hostess is a graphic designer and made LABELS that were on the party favors they also hand-made - which was the most delish balsamic mustard, I MEAN, SERIOUSLY!?!?! It was the coolest event in the WORLD. In case you were wondering where they got the name "Vappu" - I WILL TELL YOU. 


May 1

Vappu is a national holiday and celebration of the coming of spring in Finland. This traditional festival rejoices the end of the long northern winter. 

Amen to THAT and this party did just that! Here's a few pictures to prove how great it was: