Better late than never!

A while back I had an aerial photoshoot to be published upon completion documenting a roofing system on buildings that were at Iowa State University's campus as well as a building in Des Moines. We had a photo assignment to photograph the installation of a Wind-Vented Roofing System on Iowa State University's Leid Recreation building. I tracked the progress of the roof being installed and photographed milestones and progress work. I'd grab my hard hat and camera and climb up the tallest ladder I've ever SEEN to reach the views I wanted. Looking back, it was probably kind of dangerous and if I had to redo it, I probably would have brought a co-shooter with me so we could hand the cameras off to one another instead of risking them falling off of a building, but that never happened so PHEW. 

This project took about 4-5 months to complete and at the end I got to do my very first AERIAL PHOTOSHOOT. It was awesome. The company arranged all of this, but I met a nice older gentleman named Craig in the middle of a Iowa in the tiniest airport ever and we hopped in his little 2-seater plane and took off! It was a nice day, but freezing when you're sticking your head out of a plane with a camera all whilst trying not to fall out. It really was a great experience and now Phoveo just needs to buy our own plane so we can do aerial shoots all the time. For now though, I have the hookup with Craig in case more shoots come in the future. We first flew to Ames, Iowa where I photographed a few buildings on Iowa State University's campus with the final Wind Vented Roofing System in place and then jetted over to West Des Moines, IA where I photographed another larger scale building with the same roofing system in place. 

Finally, in December, the article (that these photographs were taken for) was published in "Roofing Contractor Magazine". I'm glad all the time and effort to complete this article was finally recognized and published. It's a great product and I am glad Phoveo could be a part of capturing the benefits that this roofing system has to offer!